My Brother

The photo you are looking at is one of me and my brother Jim. I am on the right in the plaid shirt, Jim on the left in the pseudo cowboy hat and we are standing in front of his cabin in northern Wisconsin. I call this photo “Love Wins”. You see, Jim and I were basically estranged for many years, over twenty, really. Why? Stupid stuff. The kind most families go through and get over. Well, we went through it, but did not get over it. It took the death of a family member, words at a funeral, a grieving heart that could not be consoled and the grace of God to bring us back together again. If you see Jim it will probably be with the wind in his face riding his customized Harley Fatboy along the county roads of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Stop and say hi and ask him if love really does win!


3 comments on “My Brother

  1. I rejoice over the restoration of you and Jim. Most of us live with regrets of leaving relationships with unresolved conflict and most of it is over stupid petty things. But unfortunately this is part of our human sinful nature. Our culture congratulates those who live there lives with the ‘its all about me” mentality but our culture continues to struggle with finding contentment.
    I too am one of those Truth seekers, and have found contentment only when “its not about me”. This was best stated by Jesus (The Truth); ‘If a man will loose his life for My sake then he will find life.’ Mark 8:35


  2. I love the picture of you and your brother, and the story of you resolving conflicts from the past is heartwarming. Thank you for sharing your journey back into a friendly relationship. It is so important.


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