5 comments on “Shadrach in an LDS Community

  1. What comforting events in
    your & Kathy’s days Patrick. Thank you so much for sharing.
    That is exactly how it goes here in the “Bible Belt” we are now residents of. Such community 😄 !


    • Some of my best teachers told me the most profound “facts” via stories of their lives. And your comment, coming from a man who truly knows how to teach and spin a tale, is a great honor. Many thanks my friend!


  2. I love that you were able to experience good things already, since it had only been one day since you got here. You are exactly right that this little town of Shelley really does have a community feel, a strong commerodity in the people. How I see things is that if you look for Christ you’ll find Him. If your focus is on good things you’ll find them, if you are looking for bad things you’ll find them. You are a man of God and other like minded people will discern your goodness and open up to you. Your spirits will speak to eachother. I hope you have many more good adventures while you are here!


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